Nicole Hoes

Nicole advises on Project Coordination, Branding, and Media

Ms. Hoes is a seasoned project coordinator fluent in information and data management, customer relationship management; and pre- and post- event planning. She has over 20 years of experience as an innovative and creative thinker. She excels at crisis management, works well on teams and independently and is known for her innovative ideas in branding and marketing. Ms. Hoes provides effective communication across businesses, cultures, and portfolios. Her branding and media expertise include campaign design and coordination.  She is also known for developing scripts, characters and skits used in executive coaching in order to bring life to challenging relationships and issues.

Ms. Hoes is known for her problem solving abilities and competence in crisis management resulting in quality and on budget results.  She uses surveys to gather information as well as to follow up on programs and events.  She moves up the learning curve quickly and is able to provide advice on new initiatives with a focus on profitability and client satisfaction.  Nicole is known for her strong written and verbal communications.

As Principal Advisor for LcHoesGroup, Ms. Hoes works with the senior team on design and branding, as well as product development and event management. She has created the conceptual design for corporate logos and advises on design decisions. She is responsible for event planning and management, including large-scale meetings.

While Project Coordinator for Cadence Group Associates and previously LAC-Group at the NASA Goddard Library, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Ms. Hoes participated on branding and media projects and contributed designs for logo re-design rebranding campaign.

Nicole earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A). in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Maryland and an Associate in Arts (A.A.) in Art from Howard County Community College. A SharePoint Power User, she also is fluent in InDesign CS6 Essential, Technical Writing, and Desktop Publishing.